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The Context of Architectural Design: Strengthening a Sense of Place

Within every city is a sense of place. An experience that is unique to it and it alone. It is an experience that reflects the ideals, history, and aspirations of a community. Which is manifested in its architecture. When a building seeks to fit within this context it builds upon what is already there to fortify the character and overall meaning of the buildings around it. It does this by using similar architectural motifs, proportions, and materials. All these elements come together to promote the singular voice of the people that built it. However, when a building doesn’t seek to fit into its context it disrupts the conversation of the buildings around it. If more and more egotistical buildings are built, the place becomes at risk of losing its voice and true self. In this study, we seek to answer the question: How can a building strengthen a sense of place?

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Derek Stevens


Brandon Ro


Derek Stevens

Type: Poster
Discipline: Fine Arts
Institution: Utah Valley University

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