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Integrated Psychological Therapy for Schizophrenia: A Meta-analysis

Aims: Integrated Psychological Therapy (IPT) is a method of psychological treatment that combines cognitive, social, and verbal treatment to treat psychological disorders (Roder et al., 2011). Previously, we conducted a meta-analysis on the treatment of schizophrenia with group psychotherapy (Burlingame et al., 2020) using strict inclusion criteria. Because only three articles on IPT met these strict criteria, the analysis lacked power, and the pooled effect of IPT on schizophrenia symptoms was not significant. Since the most recent meta-analysis which examined IPT (Roder et al., 2011), there have been several additional studies published on the effect of IPT on schizophrenia. The current meta-analysis aims to include the most recent research and to more thoroughly explore the effectiveness of IPT in treating schizophrenia. Methods: We identified 158 studies using manual searching and a wider literature search. We included randomized-controlled trials written in English that utilized at least one subprogramme of IPT in a group setting. Outcome measures were sorted into the same categories used by Roder et al. (2011), and effect sizes pooling outcomes from the same category were calculated. Risk-of-bias ratings were conducted. Publication bias was assessed using a funnel plot and egger’s test. When there was significant heterogeneity, moderator effects were calculated using age, gender, therapy type, and control group type. Results: Our literature search identified 158 studies, and 25 full-text articles were assessed for inclusion. Eighteen of these met the inclusion criteria and were used in our analysis. Effect sizes pooling results across the six outcome measure categories are being calculated. Discussion: The effectiveness of IPT for schizophrenia will be discussed.

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Zachary Clement, Brooklyn Hatch, Tate Paxton, Jacob Bingham


Gary Burlingame


Jacob Bingham, Tate Paxton, Zachary Clement, Brooklyn Hatch, Gary Burlingame

Type: Poster
Discipline: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Institution: Brigham Young University

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