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In Stark Exposition

This performance piece explores the intersectionality of English and Dance through the interactions of five dancers and a live narrator, specifically looking to see if and how each enhances the others. The lead presenter is the author, narrator, and choreographer of this work. The poem, entitled “Blank Page,” was written specifically for this research project. As this intersectionality has barely been studied academically, the lead presenter is looking at this piece as a foray into a field of future study. She hopes to open this field up to others and contribute studies for others to build off of (including herself). Historically, “choral” studies, or the combination of spoken word and dance used in ancient Greek theatre, was considered by Plato to be crucial to higher level/university education. This practice seems to have been lost in the Western world overtime. The lead presenter has found through her research that not only do English, specifically Literature Studies, and Dance enhance each other, but that they also have many places where they intersect, such as Therapy and Cultural studies. One could then presume that these fields could also be enhanced through the tandem use of English and Dance, such as a combination of Poetry Therapy and Authentic Movement practices. For this reason, she believes that further study in this intersectional field could open up future career paths for herself and others. This project is the first step in making that possible.

After viewing this presentation, please email if you have any questions for the student(s) or would like to provide feedback on this presentation. Please include your contact information which will be provided to the student who will then contact you directly.


Lead Presenter: Rebecca Goates, Dancers: Falynn Mackey, Charity Hurdman, Ashly Barraclough, Morgan Barker, Mackenzie Newbern


Mark Jeffreys, Elizabeth Stich


Rebecca Goates

Type: Performing Arts, Film, Video, and Other Media
Discipline: Fine Arts
Institution: Dixie State University

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