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Intelligent Species & Civilization

All intellectual thought is based on whether people think personalities transcend mortality. All people are based in one of two general paradigms, the GSP or the GPP, followed by sub-paradigms. First is the GSP, the General Social Paradigm. It holds that "Personalities matter because they transcend mortality." The three pillars of the GSP are Jurisprudence (Man's Law), Society, and Theology (God's Law). The two spaces between the three pillars are Political Philosophy: Liberalism and Political Philosophy: Conservatism. The three pillars of the GSP uphold the Individuals- & Time-Based Worldview. People in the GSP think humans are special. The paradigm motivates dominance by individual Homo sapiens. Uncertainty is attributed to deities and used to justify control over others. The GSP consists of the social sciences and built paradigms (things we've built: law, society, and religion). Second is the GPP, the General Physical Paradigm. It holds that "Personalities don't matter because they start at birth and are deleted by death." The three pillars of the GPP are Astronomy, Biology, and Psychology. The two spaces between the three pillars are Astrophysical Philosophy and Evolutionary Philosophy. The three pillars of the GPP uphold the Species- & Motion-Based Worldview. People in the GPP think humans are not special; we're like the other animals and our solar system is average. The paradigm recognizes dominance by nature, species, and cosmology. Uncertainty is challenged by humanity through scientific advancement. The GPP consists of the hard sciences and physical discoveries. The applications of Intelligent Species & Civilization are numerous. X-Emotions & Y-Emotions are established. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is further understood. Militant Theists like the 9/11 hijackers and Naked Animals like the Unabomber are better understood. Consecration v. Astrophysical Altruism is set forth. Human information rests upon humanity circumventing The Three Astrophysical Ultimatums, or our existence is a singularity.

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Austin Skousen


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Austin Skousen

Type: Performing Arts, Film, Video, and Other Media
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